• Serious Felonies

    Without a strong defense strategy, clients run the serious risk of a wrongful conviction if they rely on a lawyer who does not understand the process. It can be much worse for the client if they try to represent themselves and rely on their own judgment.

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  • Domestic Violence

    As in almost all things in society, domestic violence charges have also become more complicated. It is not unusual for a victim of domestic violence to later wish that no charges be brought against the person charged with having committed the domestic violence.

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  • Assault & Battery

    Many times, when our clients are in trouble, the first time we hear from them is through a concerned loved one. The people who call us want to know how to help keep their loved ones out of jail and how they can keep their loved ones from losing their jobs.

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San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney

For nearly two decades, attorney Gerald E. Smith has been involved in the criminal legal system both as a prosecutor for the City of San Diego and as an attorney in a private law firm handling the firm’s serious felony cases. Before becoming an attorney, Mr. Smith was already involved in the criminal legal system in Texas where he served as a police department sergeant and as a member of the Department’s SWAT Team.


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